Manage an Amazon store is already difficult enough. On top of optimizations, customer service, and more, your Amazon store needs a way to measure its success. Accounting and other bookkeeping programs have always been around. But which account or bookkeeping program is best for Amazon sellers?

Here, we break down some of the best accounting and bookkeeping software for Amazon sellers.


A2X aims to make accounting an easy task for your Amazon business. A2X will automatically fetch your latest Amazon transaction and place those transactions to your company accounting program (such as Quickbooks). (1) A2X’s Amazon accounting software also supports sellers in multiple locations, such as France, Australia, India, and Spain.

A2X is also a certified Xero application. Being a certified Xero application can make it easy to export your invoices and also allows you to view all of your revenue and expenses quickly through Xero. Sellers can easily configure A2X to summarize sales by product SKUs. product type, country, and more.


Taxomate is another Amazon accounting solution that easily connects to your Amazon FBA account to import your orders and sales. (2) Your records will also remain secure, as Amazon and Quickbooks do not share any sign in credentials with Taxomate. Taxomate is able to reconcile your Amazon seller statements which can then be imported into Quickbooks or Xero, whichever is your preferred company accounting software.

Taxomate can also generate both quarterly and yearly reports that match the 1099-K forms that Amazon automatically sends to the IRS. Taxomate also integrates with 10 world-wide marketplaces including Australia, Mexico, the UK, and more.


Starting at just $19/mo, Fetcher’s accounting software for Amazon sellers is an affordable solution to your Amazon accounting issues. (3) Fetcher automatically syncs to your Amazon account in less than one minute. Fetcher automatically calculated critical metrics such as profitability, PPC success, refunds and exchanges, fees, and much more. Like other accounting programs, Fetcher’s data is updated nearly every minute.

Fetcher can also help show you what products are working and which are not. Sellers who use Fetcher report saving up to 14 hours a week on tedious accounting tasks. Unlike Amazon Seller Central, Fetcher also factors in PPC, promotions, selling fees, product costs, and much more.

Final Note

Managing your books on a day-to-day basis can be strenuous. Thankfully, the performance-based team at Sunken Stone can help take care of all your accounting woes and much more. From reporting, product listings, and taxation, the team at Sunken Stone can help you run your Amazon business on autopilot, giving you time to do what you do best. To learn more about how our Amazon consultant team can help you, schedule a free Amazon Strategy Call today.