As Amazons sellers, we must always be open-minded to new tools that can help us increase conversions and overall profit. One essential tool Amazon sellers should all have access to is an Amazon keyword research tool. Keyword research tools allow sellers to find broad or niche keywords that can help your product(s) rank higher in shopper search queries.

Here, we review one of the more popular keyword research tools currently available to Amazon sellers – Sonar by Sellics.


Sonar makes it easy to view customer keyword data in seconds. Once a certain keyword has been entered into Sonar’s Keyword Research Tool, you’ll be redirected to the page that displays your searched keyword along with other relevant or related keywords.

Sonar only uses data from Amazon customer searches, not other sources such as Google or eBay, a major plus for Amazon-only sellers (1).

However, the analytics and data behind the keywords are minimal. Unlike other tools which show you the numerical volume of searches for a certain keyword, Sonar’s Keyword Tool only displays a vague progress bar-type graph that ranks a keyword’s search volume from 1 to 5, from the lowest number of searches to the highest respectively.

This makes it hard to get exact or even ballpark data points to help you optimize your listings.

Sonar’s Keyword Research Tool also allows you to exclude permutations from keyword data, making it easy to get a straightforward understanding of a certain keyword’s volume without the clutter (1).

Along with keyword research functions, sellers can search for a product’s keywords by simply plugging it’s ASIN into Sonar.

Ease of Use

Sonar by Sellics is easy to use and requires no technical know-how. Users can simply begin researching keywords by visiting their site at Although their keyword research tool lacks some detail, it is extremely user-friendly and easy to read. Sellers can easily view a keyword’s related short and long-tail keywords. Data can also be exported in CSV format for further analysis (1).


Sonar’s Keyword Research Tool by Sellics is offered to Amazon Sellers at no cost (1). As a free program, every seller should use Sonar to cross-check any data points. Although Sellics dos offer multiple paid tools to help sellers, their keyword research tool is free to use.

Final Note

With competition growing each and every day, Amazon sellers are always looking for ways to gain a leg-up on their competition. Sonar by Sellics can serve as a great supplementary tool for sellers looking for more insights into how they can optimize their listings for certain short and long-tail keywords.

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