As Amazon sellers, we try our hardest to ensure that our product listing is fully optimized to maximize sales. One of the most important factors in any Amazon product listing is your “About the Product” section, where brands and sellers are given a chance to highlight some key features of their product.

Here, we take a look at some tips and tricks for sellers to optimize their “About the Product” section on an Amazon listing.

Highlight Key Value Propositions

Before a potential customers scroll down to your product description, they’ll come across the “About the Product” section on your listing. This section is designed to let sellers highlight key value propositions their product poses.

When deciding what to place in your “About the Product” section, consider the research and development that was put into your product. Were there any key value propositions you had designed into your product to differentiate yourself from the competition?

Did your product receive a certain certificate from a regulatory agency that can make your product more desirable to customers? Your “About the Product” section can help highlight these points to give you an edge over the competition.

Write in Note Format

Shoppers have shorter attention spans than ever before, often jumping from one product listing to another. Because of this, sellers should ensure that their “About the Product” section is easy to read through quickly.

It is highly advised that sellers list their key value propositions in a note-style format. This can help clearly convey your message without having to have shoppers commit to reading an entire essay.

Amazon listing best practices includes keeping each bullet point in the “About the Product” section shorter than two sentences. No paragraphs or run on sentences should be included.

Capitalize Key Selling Points

The goal of your Amazon listing is to ultimately draw eyes and then close the deal through a sale. As mentioned above, your “About the Product” section gives you a valuable opportunity to quickly catch the eyes of wandering shoppers, who often read through listings rapidly.

When writing in note-style format, find a few keywords that fully describe the key selling point you wish to highlight, and place that before your sentence begins. This can help shoppers understand what each bullet point is about. As an example:

“FDA APPROVED – Our air filters have gone through rigorous testing and have passed or surpassed all FDA approval standards”

Final Note

Your “About the Product” section can give you a chance to convey important value propositions to potential customers. If you’re unsure on how you can fully optimize your Amazon listing for success, the team at Sunken Stone can help. Our performance-based Amazon brand management services can help accelerate your brand on Amazon on autopilot. To learn more, schedule a free demo with one of our Amazon experts here.