Amazon offers its sellers multiple tools and outlets to reach out to potential customers about your brand’s exciting and new products. One popular method for attracting shoppers is conducting an Amazon Live video, a free way to advertise your product. Amazon Live videos give your company an open channel to communicate with buyers about the products your brand offers. Here, we break down some steps and techniques on how brands can host a great Amazon Live video.

Getting Started with Amazon Live

In order to start reaping the benefits of Amazon Live video, you’ll need to download the Amazon Live Creator mobile app (free). The app is packed with unique features to help brands showcase their products while interacting with customers in real time (1). The Amazon Live Creator application is the only tool necessary to record and broadcast Amazon Live videos.

If you wish to take your live video to the next step, consider investing in a lighting and backdrop kit which can commonly be found on Amazon. To ensure your video isn’t shakey, you may want to consider filming with a tripod. For those filming their live video outdoors, ensure you film the video at a time with ample amounts of natural sunlight. For indoor live videos filmed in dark rooms, a simple lighting kit should give your videos a professional touch.

Shooting Your Amazon Live Video

If you have filmed a successful Facebook Live or Instagram Live video in the past, there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Sellers can use OBS Studio, an open-source software program, to upload pre-recorded video and have it broadcasted as if it were live on Amazon right through the Amazon Live Creator app.

One of the biggest perks of going live on Amazon is the ability for brands to engage and interact with shoppers in real time. Amazon Live also allows shoppers on the fence a chance to ask questions about your product offerings directly through the live video feed. This can pose as a great opportunity for your host to highlight specific value propositions your brand offers.

Filming your Amazon Live video in a relevant setting can also help extend viewership times. If your brand sells barbeque products, consider filming your live video outside near a barbeque on a sunny day. Similarly, if your brand sells household electronics, you can film your Amazon Live video inside a standard living room.

Amazon Live Video Best Practices

When it comes to Amazon Live, there are a few practices you should follow. Buyers are more likely to engage and convert on products from a live video that stands anywhere between 5 and thirty minutes in length. If you have a shorter video, try looping the video a few times to obtain maximum viewership and view times.

One important note to keep in mind regarding Amazon Live videos is that brands cannot direct customers to go to other websites, including your brand’s own website. However. live broadcasters and hosts can direct users to product pages on Amazon without issue.

Lastly, regardless of if your video is live or pre-recorded, buyers will ask questions throughout the live video stream. If you decide to automate your live video with OBS Studio, its best to stick around to ensure no question goes unanswered. Your live video will also available to view on Amazon’s live video page for a limited time as well.

Final Note

Taking advantage of Amazon Live is a great way for your brand to increase awareness and engagement. If you’ve found the process of hosting an Amazon Live video for your brand to be difficult, Sunken Stone can help. Our team of Amazon experts can help accelerate your brand’s Amazon presence on autopilot. To learn more about our performance-based Amazon brand management services, schedule a free demo with one of our experts today.


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