Keyword research is essential to optimizing your Amazon listing for success. Keyword research offers the ability for brands on Amazon to gain important insights into shopper search queries and competitors. Keyword research also plays an important role in successful Amazon PPC campaigns.

If you’re an Amazon seller, here are the best Amazon keyword research tools available.

Sonar by Sellics

Sonar is a free keyword research tool provided by Sellics. Sonar’s Amazon keyword research tool gathers its data from actual customer search queries. (1) This tool is offered for free. Sonar’s algorithm finds what customers are searching for and then collects those keywords into their database.

Unlike many other keyword tools, Sonar only looks at Amazon data. Other sources such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are not factored into the keyword data produced by Sonar. (1)

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool uses Amazon’s autocomplete search feature (or suggested search feature) to generate related and/or relevant keywords that can be used by Amazon sellers to optimize their product listings. (2) This tool can also serve to help you with your Amazon PPC campaign, as this tool can help you identify potentially well-performing keywords.

Like Sonar, Keyword Tool is currently offered for free. However, you can opt-into a paid plan and thus receive access to nearly twice as many Amazon keywords when compared to the free online version. (2)


MerchantWords offers the worlds largest database of Amazon search data. Much like Keyword Tool, MerchantWords extracts its keywords from Amazon’s search bar. Since 2012, MerchantWords has collected nearly 1.6 billion keywords. MerchantWords site also allows users to search for products through their ASIN.


Like all other Amazon keyword research tools, SellerApp’s goal is to help users increase their products visibility and the success of the user’s PPC campaigns. (3). However, unlike the options above, this tool does come at a cost, with the basic package starting at $49.99, but offers much more than the free tools currently available.

Some of the features include a chrome plugin for viewing product stats on-page. SellerApp’s product tracking feature allows users to conduct research and analyze critical data from your products and your competitors. (4)

Final Note

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