Finding out that your Amazon selling privileges have been removed can be hard to hear. After all, you’ve dedicated extensive amounts of energy and time to grow your brand on this exciting e-commerce platform. However, Amazon also does not ban sellers or accounts on a whim.

Here are a few reasons why you may be banned from selling on Amazon

Customer Review Violation

In order to reduce the number of fake reviews on its e-commerce shopping platform, Amazon has begun an extensive crackdown. A violation of buyer-seller communication on Amazon will lead to a suspended selling account on Amazon.

In any communication with an Amazon shopper, no mention of reviews or feedback should be stated. This means in any way, shape, or form. Anything that can remotely be considered as asking a user for a review can lead to an immediate suspension of your Amazon account.

The following are a few examples of a customer review violation:

  • Offering a financial reward, discount, or free products in exchange for a review
  • Having an employee, friend or family member post a review of your products
  • Asking a shopper to remove or change their review
  • Offering a refund to the buyer in exchange for a review
  • Leaving reviews on a competitor’s Amazon product listing (1)

Amazon sellers should never attempt to sway the user in any way to leave a review. Customers should only change their reviews if they decide to do so themselves.

Sellers should not fret over a bad review from a customer who had a poor experience, instead, win them over with fantastic customer service. Even if it’s after the review was listed.

The following messages can also be considered a violation of Amazon’s customer review policy:

  • “Please provide us with feedback on your order”
  • “Let us know what you think of our product”
  • “Let us know how our product performed”

The consequences of a customer review violation are significant. First, Amazon has the right to withhold all the funds in your seller account. All your products other reviews may also be completely removed and users may not be able to place any additional reviews on your listing at all. Amazon also has the right to take legal action against you.

Selling Through Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Some sellers may find it temporarily lucrative to list their products through multiple selling accounts. Amazon is easily able to track a sellers IP address, leading to the swift suspension of any seller with multiple selling accounts. Sellers also make the mistake of using the same bank information on multiple accounts.

If you do have a legitimate reason for using multiple seller accounts, you may contact Amazon for an exemption. Be sure to provide a legitimate business reason for needing a new selling account.

Many users have 3+ accounts for selling with Amazon’s approval. Sellers are not able to sell the same product on both accounts and must have an account in good standing in terms of customer metrics.

Ignoring Customers

One factor that has helped contribute to Amazon’s massive growth is customer its service. Ignoring customers can take a toll on your account’s performance. In Amazon’s world, shoppers are one of the most important aspects of its success formula.

This also includes avoiding any contact with your customers. If you shipped a product that was returned due to a bad address, inform the customer. Ask the customer for their solution to the problem.

Inaccurate Product Description or Images

Creating an Amazon listing with an inaccurate or misleading title, description or key points are sure-fire ways to get banned from Amazon. This includes an item with inaccurate measurements or deceptive product images.

Under this category also comes copyright and trademark infringements. Finding an image to place on a shirt from Google and listing it for sale on Amazon is not a formula for scalable success. Be sure if you use any images found online, there is no active trademark or copyright.

Final Note

Coming back from a suspended Amazon seller account can be difficult. However, the performance-based experts at Sunken Stone can help grow your brand on Amazon through a proven method that is not only ethical but also highly scalable. From product listings, taxation and compliance, to customer service, let our team help accelerate your brand’s presence on Amazon. To learn more, schedule a free Amazon Strategy Call today.